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Quality control for IgG-specific oligoclonal bands

By |2020-07-30T08:50:00+02:00June 19th, 2020|

In addition to cell number, differential cell image, glucose-lactate total protein determination and the Reiber diagrams for albumin, IgG, IgA and IgM, the diagnosis of oligoclonal bands (OKB) is one of the central analytical methods in liquor diagnostics. The qualitatively reliable detection of oligoclonal IgG bands in CSF by means [...]

Positive or negative? Trick to remember the Gram reaction of the bacterial groups to the Gram stain

By |2020-03-27T08:21:39+01:00March 24th, 2020|

Gram staining is an important and classical staining technique used in human, veterinary and ecological microbiology to differentiate bacteria into groups. It is not easy to remember the corresponding Gram reaction due to the terms " gram-negative" and "gram-positive". A simple trick to remember this is [...]

Effects of catastrophy status

By |2020-03-23T14:56:22+01:00March 23rd, 2020|

Customer information on the COVID-19 situation: The virus is on everyone's lips and has increasingly dominated everyday business life, especially in Bavaria, since the government declared the state disaster on March 16, 2020. Nevertheless, we at BIOMED are still very committed to providing you with all products and services as [...]