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neue flüssige Urinkontrolle

Urine diagnostics is an essential part of the work in the medical laboratory. Urine values provide clues to medical findings. They help doctors diagnose diseases and treat patients properly. Our improved Duotrol® Urine Liquid Quality Control supports medical laboratories in daily urine diagnostics for the benefit of the patient.

The Duotrol® Urine Liquid Quality Control is a so-called “Third-Party-Quality-Control”, a third-party control in the sense of ISO 15189 and the new IVDR regulation. Thus, a control of the analysis conditions independent of the reagent or device manufacturer is possible. This helps to ensure quality standards in the clinical laboratory for the benefit of the patient.

Duotrol® Urine Liquid Quality Control, based on human urine, is used to verify the analytical quality of reagent and analyzer in the clinical laboratory. It is available in a stable, liquid state in two clinically relevant measurement ranges. This makes the control particularly easy to use. It replicates the characteristics of patient samples and is focused on the most important analytes in terms of medical decision points. It provides control in the quantification of parameters such as urea, uric acid, sodium, calcium, chloride, creatinine, glucose, total protein, microalbumin, magnesium, phosphorus and hCG.

When stored correctly, Duotrol® Urine Liquid remains stable for 30 days after opening. In the original sealed condition even 24 months.

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