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Hemafix® – Staining of fetal hemoglobin cells


The  Hemafix® -staining solutions  are ready-to-use and standardized. They provide a reproducible and constant staining quality. Filtration is not necessary. Sedimentation of undissolved colour particles does not take place. Find more informations about this product here.

Our Hemafix®-acid elution test or Kleihauer-Betke-Test staining solutions can be used for manual staining or in an Automated Slide Stainer . Hemafix® Red (Eosinophil) and Hemafix® Blue (Basophil) are also available as 500 mL and 1 L pack units.

  • Hemafix® Ethanol (Fixing Solution)
  • Hemafix® Red (Eosinophil)
  • Hemafix® Blue (Basophil)
  • Hemafix® Citrat-Phosphate-Buffer

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