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Staining solutions for the injection process

For staining with the injection method, corresponding staining solutions optimally matched to the Dagatron instruments are of course available.

  • Gram stain: crystal violet, GRAM iodine, acetone-ethanol, safranin or fuchsin.
  • AFB fluorescence staining: auramine-rhodamine, decolorizing solution, potassium permanganate solution
  • AFB Ziehl-Neelsen/Kinyoun staining: carbolic fuchsin, destaining solution, methylene blue
  • Pappenheim staining: fixing solution, May-Grünwald, Giemsa, buffer solution
  • Wright (Giemsa) staining: Wright solution, phosphate buffer

The staining solutions are available in 950 mL bottles and can be used both manually and in various automatic staining machines.

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