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BIOMED Control Sera

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Precise, independent and universally applicable

The ready-to-use or lyophilized Duotrol® control sera are reliable control materials in different measurement ranges. Due to their quality, the different package sizes and the easy handling, the control sera can be used for all analyzers. According to DIN standard ISO 15189, a suitable quality control is characterized by the fact that it shows a reaction in the test system that is as similar as possible to that of the patient samples. The BIOMED Duotrol® control sera meet this requirement perfectly as they are manufactured on the basis of human serum. Where possible, control material concentrations should also be in the range of clinical decision values. BIOMED control sera are generally available in two or three concentration ranges covering the physiological and pathological ranges of the patient samples. In addition, control material shall be regularly monitored at short intervals for stability and target values in order to minimize the risk of damage to a patient by an erroneous result. BIOMED’s quality controls participate regularly in interlaboratory comparisons supervised by the Reference Institute for Bioanalytics (RfB). In addition, BIOMED continuously monitors the accuracy of the target values.

BIOMED Control Sera

  • Liquor controls

  • Protein controls

  • Urine controls

  • Universal controls

  • Special controls


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Duotrol® Control Sera

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