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Point of Care Diagnostics – rapid detection of pathogens

Epidemics are closely linked to human history. Even in ancient medicine, infectious diseases such as malaria, smallpox, typhus, plague u.v.m. described. But only technical progress made it possible to find the microorganisms with special research methods.

In the area of POC diagnostics, we offer a selection of classical test methods: from highly sensitive enzyme immunoassays to meaningful rapid tests for the reliable detection of various bacterial and viral pathogens. The test specifications are characterized by easy handling, can also be automated and are offered according to the current RiliBÄK with positive controls.

BIOMED rapid tests:

  • Enzyme immunoassays
  • Immunochromatographic rapid tests

NEW at BIOMED – The Rota-Adeno-Norovirus 3-in-1 Rapid Test!
</ strong> A one-step chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of rotavirus, adenovirus and norovirus infections in a test cassette for in vitro diagnostics.

BIOMED POC-diagnostics

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