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Staining device Hemomat from BIOMED

The well-proven Hemomat stainer works according to the dip staining method – thus a large number of preparations can be reproducibly processed in one staining process with low reagent consumption.

The dip staining process

The well-proven Hemomat staining machine for microscopic preparations in the laboratory works in dip staining mode. The dip staining process ensures that each specimen is stained completely and uniformly in a reproducible manner without formation of artifacts. The size of the staining cuvettes can be selected flexibly to ensure that each laboratory is optimally equipped with economical reagent consumption.
The Hemomat is suitable for reliable, uniform staining of different preparations with standardized staining solutions, such as Hemafix® and HemaFetal for hematology or GramyFix and Kinyoun for bacteriology, but in the large version also for hematoxylin-eosin staining in pathology.

The flexible cuvette equipment

The standard Hemomat device is available for up to six cuvettes. For more complex staining, the staining positions can be extended to the required number of cuvette positions as needed, so that the device can even be used for HE- staining in pathology.
The flexible use of cuvettes and slide holders of different sizes and functionality can reduce the consumption of staining solutions. Cells are available in two different sizes with matching slide holders:

– Up to 20 slides: Filling volume approx. 220 mL
– Up to 30 slides: Filling quantity approx. 450 mL

  • Cells for 30 slides with staining solutions
  • Hemomat with additional equipment flow water cuvette
  • Hemomat with drying station
  • Färbeautomat
Additionally available equipment

In addition to the variable number of standard cuvettes in the Hemomat, it is possible to install a drying station, a water rinsing station with water connection or both stations at one of the cuvette positions instead of a staining cuvette in order to also standardize the rinsing and drying of the slides by the automated execution.
For staining with hazardous staining solutions, a protective cover for exhaust air is optionally available to prevent gas dispersion by discharging it into a fume hood or into the open air.

Customized programming

The Hemomat has a program memory for up to 30 staining and service programs. The easy programming is done via a touch sensitive screen, which also allows the operation of the device.
The 30 program locations include six fixed programs (Leishman, May-Grünwald, Giemsa, Wright, Pappenheim-BM, Pappenheim-BL), service programs and 20 individually programmable locations.

Due to the great variability of the settings, the programming of the customer’s own stains is possible exactly according to the protocols already available in the laboratory:
The bath times for the six cuvette positions can be set precisely in hours, minutes and seconds for up to 60 h.
For the dip stained preparations, a bath movement (no movement, every 10 – 50 seconds in 10-second steps or continuous movement) can be defined.
The cuvette position is freely selectable, the unit works in both directions.
The dripping time when changing the cuvette is fixed for up to 59 seconds as required.
In the drying station the drying temperature can be selected by the user between room temperature and + 80 °C, of course the dryer can also remain inactive.
The final position can be set to be dipped or suspended in the air to drip off.

The economic composition and flexibility

Due to the modular composition of your order – the device, the cuvettes and slide holders that fit your needs, an optional drying station adjustable from 4 °C to 80 °C and a water rinsing station with pressure-controlled water supply – you only incur costs for the components that you actually need.
The Hemomat is of course set up and connected by our staff in your laboratory. A training of your staff will also be provided.
The Hemomat requires little maintenance, but it is possible to conclude a maintenance contract on request.
With its small dimensions of W 500 x D 320 x H 340 mm (including connected dryer and water bath) the Hemomat fits in every laboratory and on every workstation. It can also be installed in a fume cupboard.

Technical specifications
  • Dip staining device with two axes of movement (horizontal and vertical)

  • Maximum number of preparations per staining procedure:
    Two different combinations of cuvettes and removable slide holders are available, for maximum 20 or 30 slides in one staining run.

  • Consumption of the staining solutions:
    – Up to 20 slides: Filling quantity approx. 150 – 320 mL
    – Up to 30 slides: Filling quantity approx. 300 – 500 mL

  • Number of staining units expandable up to 25

  • Operating panel: Waterproof touch panel (conditionally acid and alkali resistant). Can be operated with laboratory gloves!

  • Program memory: 30 programs, 20 of them freely programmable, 6 fixed programs, 2 favorites, service programs

  • For each staining step, incubation time, drip-off time and other conditions can be individually defined:
    – bath times in hours, minutes and seconds (max. 59 h – 59 m – 59 s)
    – Bath movement (none, various intervals and continuous movement
    – dripping time (programmable, max. 59 sec. per position)
    – Bath positions are freely selectable (the device works in both directions)
    – Drying conditions (drying station off / temperature of 20/40/50/60/70/80 °C)
    – Final position (immersed or hanging in the air)
    – Stop function (during the bath time it is possible to switch to the following functions: Skip bath, stop process, change bath time, continue, add).

  • Dimensions with six cuvettes: 500 (W) x 320 (D) x 340 (H) mm (overall dimensions with connected dryer and water bath)

  • The staining machine with additional equipment
BIOMED Färbelösungen Staining Solutions
Various application possibilities

The Hemomat can be used in various fields of human and veterinary medicine, e.g:
Hematology Giemsa – May-Grünwald – Pappenheim
Histology Elastics – Hematoxylin-Eosin
Cytology Papanicolaou – Leishman
CSF diagnostics Berlin blue – Giemsa
Bacteriology Gram – Kinyoun – Methylene blue
Parasitology Romanowsky – Lugol-iodine staining
… and many more.

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