Färbeautomat „Hemomat K6“

Alles aus einer Hand: Neben den bewährten Färbelösungen können Sie auch unseren Färbeautomaten verwenden, um auf standardisierte Weise ein zuverlässiges Färbeergebnis für Ihre verschiedenen Probenmaterialien zu erhalten.

Vielseitiger Färbeautomat für Ihr Labor

Automated slide stainer „Hemomat K6“

Geeignet für Färbetechniken in folgenden Bereichen

  • Hämatologie
  • Histologie
  • Histopathologie
  • Zytologie
  • Liquor Diagnostik
  • Bacteriologie
  • Spermatologie
  • Gynäkologie



Vorteile des Färbeautomaten „Hemomat K6“

  • Suitable for reliable dyeing of various sample material
  • User-specific programming of the colouring steps
  • Works according to the dipping process
  • Economical due to flexibility of cuvette size
  • Time-saving and economical (for up to 30 slides)
  • Suitable for staining with standardized dyeing solutions
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Low acquisition costs

Hemomat-K6 can be used for both large and emergency laboratories as well as for the practice laboratory. Further information can be found in the attached info brochure for BIOMED’s Hemomat-K6.

Stainless steel cuvettes instead of glas cuvettes?

Have you ever considered switching to stainless steel cuvettes? Advantages: Unique acquisition costs, absolutely unbreakable and easy to clean. Our high-quality cuvettes can be used for both manual and automated staining. They are available in different sizes and with lids.

Edelstahl- statt Glas-Küvetten
Stainless steel instead of glas or plastic cuvettes