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Laboratory cleaning products for everyday use

In our portfolio you will also find detergents and disinfectants for use in everyday laboratory work. Use our concentrated laboratory cleaning agents to protect heavily used laboratory utensils from rapid abrasion and guarantee hygienic working conditions.


Thermoklar® s a microbiocidal (also known as microbicide) waterbath protective agent for keeping waterbaths clean and protects your water circuits from algae formation and bacterial and viral contamination.


  • Is economical and easy to dose as a concentrate
  • Effects disinfection and complex binding
  • Provides biocidal water stabilisation against bacterial attack
  • Enables long usability of the water
  • Prevents algae formation and algae infestation in the water bath
  • Prevents bacteria formation and bacterial growth in the water bath
  • Protects against viral contamination in the water bath
  • Acts fungicidal against mould and fungal attack
  • Significantly reduces unpleasant odours
  • Prevents the precipitation of inorganic salts
  • Protects against dirt, blockages and heavy wear and tear of equipment parts and water hoses

Thermoklar® is used in water baths and thermostat circuits, temperature-controlled cell holders and all temperature-controlled water cooling systems. Just add 2-3 mL Thermoklar® per litre of distilled water to the previously cleaned water bath. The blue colouring of the water by Thermoklar® indicates the effectiveness of the water bath cleaning agent.

Protective agent for water baths
Laboratory cleaning BIOMED

BM liquid

BM liquid is an alkaline, non-foaming detergent concentrate for the cleaning and disinfection of heavily soiled instruments (laboratory instrument cleaning) and instrument parts (laboratory instrument cleaning) made of glass, metal or plastic in one step. BM liquid is an excellent substitute for chromosulfuric acid and enables reliable daily manual and machine routine cleaning and disinfection of greasy and heavily soiled glassware (laboratory glassware cleaning) as well as hemodialysis, suction and laboratory rinsing systems. It shows no chemical aggressiveness with the same effectiveness, is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

BM liquid is used in concentrations of 1-3%, depending on the degree of contamination. A reduction of the exposure time as well as an intensification of the cleaning process can be achieved by increasing the concentration, heating the solution and using ultrasound.

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