Automatic Staining Devices for the Injection Process

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Staining machines for the injection process

Automatic staining machines for the injection process offer enormous advantages: they reliably prevent cross-contamination and carryover, and do so with reliable, uniform staining results. Dagatron’s innovative, fully automatic staining machines all operate according to the injection process. Among other things, the staining machines are ideally suited for staining methods according to Gram, Ziehl-Neelsen, Kinyoun, staining in hematology or for fluorescence staining.

The injection process

Common to all innovative, fully automatic staining devices from Dagatron is the injection method. The injection method reliably prevents sample carry-over and cross-contamination due to the horizontal, individually stored arrangement of the preparations in the device.
The consistent, uniform staining result for the complete preparation is achieved by evenly applying the staining solution in the required reagent quantity through the injection heads by means of microprocessor control. In contrast to staining based on the spray method, standardized, repeatable results can be achieved without loss of sample material due to insufficient wetting with the staining solution.
By using a separate injector head for each reagent, the contamination of different reagents can also be excluded.

The AT series from Dagatron
Single Stainer – Single staining devices for the following staining methods
  • for Ziehl-Neelsen (warm) AT-2000Z AFB Auto Stainer

  • for Kinyoun (cold) AT-2000K AFB Auto Stainer

  • for Fluorescence staining (Fluorochrome) AT-2000F AFB Auto Stainer

  • for GRAM-staining method AT-2000G GRAM Auto Stainer

  • for Hematology Staining AT-2000H Hematology Auto Stainer

Multi Stainer – Combination staining devices for the following staining methods
  • for Ziehl-Neelsen (warm), Kinyoun and fluorescence staining AT-3001 AFB Multi Stainer

  • for GRAM and Ziehl-Neelsen (warm) AT-3002 GRAM/AFB Dual Stainer

  • for GRAM and Fluorescence Staining AT-3003 GRAM/AFB Dual Stainer

INDIVIDUAL Stainer – Combination stainer as desired
    Individually programmable staining device
Injection stainer Dagatron
  • Start of the heating process
  • During the heating up process
  • Erreichen der Färbetemperatur
The patented heating system

The WHO-compliant staining for acid-resistant bacteria (Acid fast bacilli, AFB, Mycobacteria) for preparations from body fluids, culture materials or exudates can be performed with the single stainer AT-2000K AFB Auto Stainer and the combination stainer AT-3001 AFB Multi Stainer as cold staining according to Kinyoun.
Due to the patented, innovative heating system, the single stainer AT-2000Z AFB Auto Stainer and the combined TB stainer warm according to Ziehl-Neelsen and fluorescent staining AT-3001 AFB Multi Stainer or TB warm staining according to Ziehl-Neelsen and Gram staining AT-3002 GRAM/AFB Dual Stainer even automated hot staining according to Ziehl-Neelsen at approx. 55 °C is possible. To switch between warm and cold staining methods in the same unit, the supplementary preparation carousel is inserted or removed as required.
The AFB staining with fluorescent dyes can be performed with the single stainer AT-2000F AFB as well as the combination machines AT-3001 AFB Multi Stainer and AT-3003 GRAM/AFB Dual Stainer.

The corresponding staining solutions

Of course, corresponding staining solutions which are optimally matched to Dagatron instruments are also available for specific instruments.
For the Gram stainer AT-2000G suitable for Gram staining of bacteria from human samples or cell culture and the slide stainer AT-3002/3 with multiple staining function, optimum results can be achieved with the Gram staining kit with 4 corresponding solutions.
Also for TB staining warm according to Ziehl-Neelsen as well as fluorescence staining for identification of acid-resistant bacteria, staining sets with 3 staining solutions each, optimally adapted to the TB staining machines, are available.

  • Färbeset Ziehl-Neelsen für die manuelle Färbung oder für die Färbung in einem Färbeautomaten nach dem Injektionsverfahren
  • Gramfärbeset für die manuelle Färbung oder für die Färbung mit einem Färbeautomaten z.B. nach dem Injektionsverfahren
Blutausstrich auf Objektträger für einen Färbeautomaten für das Injektionsverfahren
The stains for haematology

The hematological stainer AT-2000H, which has been specially adapted for blood testing is optimally suited for use in the hematological laboratory.
This staining device is suitable to perform the May Grünwald Giemsa (MGG) or Pappenheim staining of blood smears in a standardized, fast and economical way with constant staining quality for counting leukocytes (WBC) and erythrocytes (RBC) and for assessing the morphology of leukocytes, erythrocytes and thrombocytes (blood platelets). The BIOMED Hemafix®Staining Solutions is ideally suited for this purpose.

The self-cleaning system

After successful staining, the self-cleaning program of the staining devices can be used. The staining tables for each preparation are rinsed and centrifuged to remove liquids.
Due to the size of the injection heads with a nozzles opening of 2.0 mm, the frequent clogging of the injection nozzle by staining solutions, which occurs during the spraying process, can be excluded. The injection nozzles are designed and mounted in such a way that they are easily accessible for cleaning and can be easily cleaned together with the pump and valve.

Injektionsdüse eines Färbeautomaten für das Injektionsverfahren
Reagenzgestell für einen Färbeautomaten für das Injektionsverfahren
The warning system for insufficient residual reagent volume

The function for monitoring the reagent level ensures that irregular or incorrect staining of the preparations due to insufficient residual reagent volume is avoided.
If the reagent level is too low, a warning signal sounds and staining cannot be started by mistake.

Technical specifications
  • Maximum usable preparations per staining procedure:
    – 10 slides with hot staining (Ziehl-Neelson); staining is possible for 1 – 10 individual preparations
    – 20 slides for cold staining by supplementary slide carousel (not heatable); staining is possible for 1 – 20 individual slides
  • Rotation speed:
    – 6 rpm during the dyeing process
    – 200 rpm during drying
  • Consumption of staining solutions: approx. 1.2 – 1.8 mL / preparation
    Distilled water is estimated with up to 10 mL / preparation

  • Duration of a staining process (depending on the number of preparations and the staining method):
    – For 10 preparations 6 to 10 minutes
    – For 20 preparations 9 to 18 minutes
  • For each staining step the injection time and incubation time of the staining solution can be defined individually.
  • The use of a carbon filter on the ventilation fan minimizes the emission of hazardous gases.
  • Dimensions:
    – 480 (W) x 445 (D) x 265 (H) mm
    – Required height with open cover: max. 565 mm
    – Total weight approx. 20 kg
Färbeautomaten für das Injektionsverfahren

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