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Hemafix® – Modified staining according to Pappenheim

Rapid staining blood, bone marrow, sperm, tissue

The Hemafix® staining solutions combine the result of the Pappenheim staining with the time advantage of quick staining. For the needs of the daily laboratory routine a simplified quick staining or a modified Pappenheim staining is well suited to get a meaningful overview.

The staining solutions are available separate as a fixing solution, a red staining solution (eosinophilic solution) and a blue staining solution (basophilic solution consisting of defined azure fraction). The solutions are buffered and do not change colour due to pH shifts (e.g. caused by water etc.). The red and blue staining solutions provide high staining stability and clean, artifact-free staining results.

In addition to blood and bone marrow smears, clinical cytological preparations such as urine sediment, sputum, spermatozoa and vaginal swabs can also be stained with Hemafix®.

The advantages of Hemafix®:

  • ready-to-use and standardized staining solutions
  • reproducible and consistent dyeing results
  • short staining time: depending on staining protocol from 30 seconds up to 2 minutes
  • no filtering or settling of undissolved paint particles
  • complete standardization with automated slide stainer possible
  • clean working and economical in operation
  • without phosphate buffer tablets

Advantages in cytology:

  • Diagnosis within 1-2 minutes before and during operations (e.g. swabs)
  • Excellent secondary staining for Papanicolaou-staining

Use in spermatology: With the time and material consuming Papanicolaou staining you get a very good differentiation of the spermatozoa heads, but with the Hemafix® staining solution it is possible to produce well stained ejaculate smears faster and less material consuming.

All of the Hemafix® staining solutions are ready-to-use in vitro diagnostics, available in different sizes and CE-certified.



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