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Liquid CSF & Oligoclonal bands Controls

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Smart CSF diagnostics

Duotrol CSF quality controls from Biomed for CSF diagnostics

CSF analysis, an important area of neurological and psychiatric diagnostics, is used to diagnose diseases affecting the central nervous system (CNS). The cerebrospinal fluid, usually obtained by lumbar puncture, is a crystal clear, colourless liquid that is in constant exchange with the serum. Within the framework of CSF diagnostics, metabolic products, electrolytes and proteins are therefore determined in the CSF and serum of patients. The concentration of blood-dependent and brain-derived proteins in cerebrospinal fluid is modulated by the cerebrospinal fluid flow rate and is dependent on the size of the molecules.

Quality controls for cerebrospinal fluid diagnostics

BIOMED offers you both controls for universal CSF diagnostics and for special protein diagnostics in cerebrospinal fluid.
The BIOMED CSF Controls Duotrol® CSF Liquor and Duotrol® CSQ Advanced, based on human origin, are liquid and ready to use. They are present in the clinically required ranges normal and abnormal and allow the monitoring of quantitative laboratory medical tests for liquor specific analytes such as lactate and glucose.

The serum-based, lyophilized special control  Duotrol® Oligo  can be used to monitor tests that diagnose IgG-specific oligoclonal banding in serum and CSF by isoelectric focusing (e.g. agarose gel, immunoblotting).

Liquorkontrolle von BIOMED Labordiagnostik in drei Leveln
CSF-Serum quotients quality controls
Specific measurements of Cerebrospinal Fluid

Due to the composition of the quality control from serum and CSF matrix components, the Duotrol® CSQ Advanced can also be used as a control for the examination of a functional disorder of the blood/liquor barrier (blood-brain barrier), since the determination of the CSF/serum concentration quotient (LSQ) for albumin, IgA, IgG (Reiber Scheme) and IgM is also possible.

The Duotrol® Oligo enables the display of oligoclonal IgG bands.

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Duotrol® Control Sera

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