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Point of Care Diagnostic (POC) – Close to the patient laboratory diagnostics: rapid detection of pathogens

In the field of point of care (POC)-diagnostics we offer a selection of classical test procedures: From highly sensitive enzyme immunoassays to meaningful rapid tests for reliable detection of various bacterial and viral pathogens. The test specifications are characterised by easy handling, can also be automated and are offered with positive controls according to the current RiliBÄK.

Schnellteste Infektionsdiagnostik

BIOMED rapid tests:

NEW at BIOMED: 2019-nCoV Antigen Rapid Test!
A ready-to-use test kit for easy application by trained personnel in the nasopharynx. The test is listed with the BfArM under the number AT036/22.

The RS Virus Rapid Test
A ready-to-use test kit for easy application in the nasopharynx. The result is generated within 10 to 15 minutes as a qualitative lateral flow assay with specific antibodies.

The Rota-Adeno-Norovirus 3-in-1 Rapid Test!
A one-step chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of rotavirus, adenovirus and norovirus infections in a test cassette for in vitro diagnostics.

Rota-adenovirus 2-in-1 rapid test
Only sampling once for the simultaneous qualitative detection of both viruses individually in one test cassette for in vitro diagnostics

Rapid test for Clostridioides difficile
Simultaneous qualitative detection of GDH and toxin A/B combination individually in a double cassette for in vitro diagnostics

Influenza A+B Combi rapid test
Qualitative immunological one-step membrane test for influenza A and B for in vitro diagnostics

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Our Point-of-Care BIOspeed Analyzer is a handy and precise laboratory instrument that can be used to analyze patient samples in close proximity to the patient in just a few minutes.

BIOspeed info sheet
POC BIOspeed Analyzer, zuverlässig, schnell und patientennah; zur Verbesserung der Behandlungsqualität

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