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Gram Staining

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Gram staining with Gramyfix – the Gram staining kit for bacteriology

Gram staining

Gram staining is a method of differentiating staining of bacteria for microscopic examination. In Gram staining, bacteria are divided into two major groups that differ in the structure of their cell walls. A distinction is made between Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. The Gram stain is named after its inventor, the Danish bacteriologist Hans Christian Gram (1853-1938).

Gramyfix is particularly suitable for Gram staining. Gramyfix is a product for the production of microbiological preparations for optical microscopy to differentiate between Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Gram-positive bacteria are stained blue-violet by the crystal violet solution or gentian violet solution and subsequent complex formation with Lugol solution. The resulting dye complex is retained by the multi-layered cell wall (multi-layered, closely meshed peptidoglycan network) so that the cell cannot be de-stained. Gram-negative bacteria, on the other hand, only have a single-layer cell wall (thin peptidoglycan layer) and can therefore be easily decoloured and then counterstained with safranin or fuchsin solution.

The ready-to-use BIOMED Gram Staining Set guarantees reliable staining results within a few minutes and is characterised by easy handling.

The Gramyfix staining set can be used for manual staining or for staining with an automatic stainer. The solutions can be ordered individually or in sets and consist of the following components:

  • Gramyfix Blue: crystal violet solution (gentian violet)
  • Gramyfix iodine: Lugolic solution
  • Gramyfix Destaining
  • Gramyfix Red: Safranin or Fuchsin solution

All product components of the Gramyfix staining set can be used immediately and are available in 250 mL bottles. The Gram staining solutions are CE-certified in-vitro diagnostics and can be used in clinical diagnostics as well as in industrial quality control. More product information is available here.

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