Staining devices & staining solutions

Staining devices & staining solutions from BIOMED support human and veterinary laboratories in their daily diagnostics. Our standardized, ready-to-use staining solutions and fully automated staining devices for the injection method can be used for different overview staining and special staining methods. BIOMED’s staining solutions can be used both manually and with an automatic stainer.

We offer complete solutions for manual and automatic staining in the fields of hematology, histology, histopathology, cytology, cerebrospinal fluid diagnostics, bacteriology, spermatology, gynecology, urology, oncology, parasitology and in veterinary medicine.

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Gramfärbung Beispiel BIOMED
Staining in laboratory diagnostics

Staining procedures are used, among other things, in histology, pathohistology or microbiology. Various stains are used to improve the optical representation of tissue structures. The stains are used to highlight certain cell or tissue components to facilitate their differentiation and evaluation.

In the history of medicine, staining was a first milestone in the reliable diagnosis of infectious diseases. The various staining methods and the discovery of different staining solutions can be traced back to eminent scientists and physicians such as Paul Ehrlich, Hans Christian Gram, Franz Ziehl and Friedrich Neelsen or Artur Pappenheim. Today, manual and automated staining with ready-to-use staining solutions is an indispensable part of modern laboratory diagnostics. Automated staining machines facilitate the staining of specimens by staining several slides simultaneously and guaranteeing standardized staining results.

Our staining devices

Discover our versatile automatic staining devices for the injection process and benefit from numerous advantages, such as easy application, low space consumption, a user-specific selection of different equipment components or the low acquisition costs.

Our automated staining machines are suitable for various staining techniques and methods such as Ziehl-Neelsen, Kinyoun, AFB, Gram, Pappenheim (May-Grünwald-Giemsa), Wright and Quick Staining.

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Injection staining device
Färbelösungen von BIOMED für die manuelle Färbung oder für automatisierte Färbeautomaten
BIOMED staining solutions

Discover our standardized, ready-to-use staining solutions. These can be used manually or for automated staining devices. They are suitable for various overview staining and special staining methods such as Gram staining, Pappenheim staining, rapid staining or leukocyte counting.

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BIOMED staining results

Here we give you an overview of our staining results with our multifunctional Hemafix® staining solutions.


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