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Leukocyte Counting

Leukocyte Counting2020-10-16T11:54:38+02:00

Microscopic leukocyte counting with Leuko-lys


Leukocyte counting is used in laboratory diagnostics for various purposes. As an important component of the blood, the number of leukocytes provides information about the patient’s condition and helps the laboratory specialist to distinguish between a viral and bacterial infection.

BIOMEDs Leuko-lys Reagent is used for the manual determination of leukocytes by means of a counting chamber. The quantitative in vitro determination of leukocytes can be performed from fresh capillary or venous whole blood coagulated with EDTA using a counting chamber. The additives contained in Leuko-lys cause hemolysis of the erythrocytes. This results in a good distribution and clear recognition of the leucocyte nuclei. Precipitates of colour or impurities such as those occurring in the Türk solution, for example, are avoided.

The reagent Leuko-lys can be used immediately and is available in 200 mL bottles.

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